Did you know that you can now copy and paste Part Studio tabs, assembly tabs, and drawing tabs? Let’s take a look at how it’s done.

To copy a tab to the clipboard, right-click a Part Studio, assembly, or drawing tab, and choose the option to “Copy to clipboard.”

Then go to the Onshape Document where you want to paste that tab, click the “+” icon in the bottom left corner, and choose the option “Paste tab.”

The tab you copied to clipboard will then be pasted into that Document. Two final things to mention:

  1. If you copy an assembly or drawing to clipboard, all referenced tabs will also be copied and pasted into the new Document. So if you copy an assembly for example, all Part Studios referenced in that assembly will also be copied.
  2. The copied tabs are NOT linked to the original. If the original changes, the copied tabs do NOT update. If you need it to be linked to the original, you should use Linked Documents.

That’s all it takes to copy and paste tabs between Onshape Documents. Give it a shot!