So you’ve designed your first sheet metal part in Onshape. Your next natural question is “How do I export this to DXF so I can manufacture it?” Let’s take a look.

You can export your sheet metal part from the sheet metal flat view. To access your flat view, simply left-click the sheet metal table and flat view icon on the righthand side of Onshape.

sheet metal icon

This will launch the sheet metal table and flat view. From here, you can see a table with all the relevant bend information as well as a view of the sheet metal flat.

sheet metal icon

To export your sheet metal flat view as DXF, right-click the flat view and you will see the option to “Export DXF/DWG.”

sheet metal hinge

After clicking this, you will be prompted with a dialog to choose your format (either DXF or DWG).

sheet metal dialog

The last step is to click “Export.” And that’s it! A DXF file will be saved to your computer that you can use to generate a toolpath and send to your machine.

Interested in more details? Check out the video at the top of this post.