With traditional, installed CAD, collaboration is difficult. Whether it's emailing files, sharing screens, or dealing with version incompatibility, there are many hurdles the user has to overcome just to share their model. With Onshape, we are removing these hurdles with tools that greatly simplify the process. One of these tools is Follow Mode.

Follow Mode allows you to see your collaborator’s screen in real time. With both of you looking at the same thing at the same time, it's easy to point out features or discuss the model without sending emails back and forth with screenshots.

Using Follow Mode is simple. When another person is in your Document, you’ll see a social cue in the top right corner.

Double click this icon and immediately you’ll be following their screen.

To exit Follow Mode, simply left click anywhere in the graphics. When exiting Follow Mode, you are left in the same model orientation and position that you were viewing on your collaborator’s screen.

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