When creating Drawing views in Onshape, certain view types automatically receive a View label upon insertion. The most common examples of these are Detail and Section views.

However, it’s possible to create View labels for any type of view in Onshape. This is particularly useful if you want to call out a view of a specific angle, scale, or if you accidentally deleted the automatically created label and want to get it back. 

Simply right-click on the view and select View properties.

At the bottom of the View properties dialog, you’ll see a set of options to turn on the View label, apply a Prefix, Suffix, or enable the Scale label. 

View labels can be quickly and easily turned on or off for virtually any view type. Of course, if the view Letter or Scale are changed, the associated label will update automatically. View labels even respect Named Views and will show the name you have selected for your custom orientation.

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For more on adding labels to Drawings, watch the video below.