One of the most frustrating things about many installed applications is the limited number of times they allow you to “undo.”  Many times, you are only allowed to go back 5 or 10 steps.  This discourages users from trying new things as they are often afraid they will be left in a place where their changes cannot be undone – and they will be stuck with something that is broken.

Onshape’s History tracks every change to your Document. Every action is listed, going all the way back to your first edit. Onshape has the ability to Restore back to any point in your History, effectively giving you an infinite “undo” button. To Restore, simply find the moment in History you would like to return to, and select “Restore” from the gear dropdown menu.

This powerful capability means you can try new things without fear of leaving your model in a “broken” state. Onshape has taken the “risk” out of creative risk, giving you the freedom to have more fun!