When releasing an Assembly, Onshape's integrated Release Management automatically adds linked parts to the Release Candidate. However, incrementing components is not always advantageous. An update to the Release Management functionality helps clarify changes and eliminates undesirable revisions.

Now, Onshape intelligently checks for any geometry or metadata changes when releasing a previously released Assembly or Drawing. The Release Candidate dialog displays a warning if a component is unchanged. A message also shows if only the metadata of an object changes. You can elect to ignore metadata changes.

Pro-tip: Company settings may require a new revision when an item's properties have changed.

Selecting the Revert unchanged item to last revision icon next to an unmodified item reverts that item to its last revision. Clicking the icon at the top of the Release Candidate dialog will revert all unchanged objects and refresh the release package.

After submitting the release package, the new revision will reference the appropriate component revisions. Conveniently, the unchanged items will remain as workspace references in the main workspace.

Releasing unnecessary design changes causes extra work and mistakes. Onshape’s intelligent change detection clarifies the changes you perform and enables you to only release essential revisions.

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