The Onshape Mobile apps for both Android and iOS enable the ability to design anywhere -- a freedom that no other CAD system can offer. To get the most out of the Onshape Mobile app, here are three important gestures to know.

1. Tap and Hold (Precision Selector)

One of the most important gestures to know is tap and hold. If you tap the screen and hold your finger for a moment, the Precision Selector will appear. This is the tool to use when selecting small details. It’s useful throughout the Onshape Mobile app if you need to select a small sketch entity, select an edge for a fillet, or select a part to rotate in the assembly.

2. Two-Finger Tap (Context Menu)

If you tap the screen with two fingers it will bring up a context-sensitive menu of options to choose from. This is the same menu that you would see if you were right-clicking when using Onshape in the browser. Anything from editing sketches and features to change appearances and much more is accessible via the two-finger tap menu.

3. Double-Tap (Clear Selections)

The last important gesture to mention here is the double tap. If you double tap the screen it will deselect any selected entities. This is especially important when you have a number of entities selected and want a quick way to clear all the selections.

That’s it! Hopefully these tips will help you get more familiar with the Onshape Mobile app and designing on the go.