Isolate is a very useful tool for visualizing different pieces of your assembly. It allows you to quickly focus on a handful of parts while still seeing a transparent version of the remainder of the assembly for context. Let’s take a closer look.

Using Isolate is simple. Left-click the parts (or assemblies) that you want to focus on, then right-click and choose the option to “Isolate.”

This will isolate the parts you’ve chosen and show the remainder in a transparent state. When combined with animating motion, this can be a really neat way to show off your assembly.

The Isolate command also has options to expand on the selection you’ve made. This can make it easy to select a number of related parts for your Isolate without actually having to select each one.

One final tip: You can also isolate by right-clicking a mate or group in the Instance list of the assembly. This will isolate every part or assembly that is involved with that mate or group feature.


So that’s it! The next time you are looking for a new way to visualize your assembly, give it shot.