2018 has been an incredible year for Onshape. With 18 updates that included several hundred improvements, the pace of development at Onshape has been staggering.

With this many improvements over the course of a year, it's easy to miss a few. So I’ve put together a list of what are, in my opinion, the top 10 improvements to Onshape in 2018. We’ll start with number 10 and work our way down to number 1. Let’s dive in!

#10 Feature List Folders 

Just a few weeks ago, we added the ability to create and organize features in a Feature List folder. This was a very highly-requested improvement.

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#9 Working in Sheet Metal Pattern

This improvement made it possible to sketch and create features directly on the flat view in Onshape. This was accomplished by taking advantage of our unique Simultaneous Sheet Metal capabilities.

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#8 Parting Line Draft

With an update in May, this major piece of functionality was added to our Draft command. This makes it possible to create a Draft that is non-planar and opens up a number of different design possibilities that were not possible in the past.

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#7 Associative Balloons/Callouts 

This was one of the most highly-requested improvements made to Drawings in 2018. Now callouts like balloons are parametrically linked to whatever value you set. This could be the item number in the BOM, but it can also be linked to things like custom properties.

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#6 Replace Parts 

With this recent update, the ability to replace parts in the assembly was added to Onshape. This was a very highly-requested feature.

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#5 Simultaneous Bill of Materials 

This is Onshape’s unique take on the Bill of Materials. It is more than just a table in the drawing – it is a fully interactive part of your assembly that is automatically created and updates in real time.

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#4 Standard Content 

At the beginning of 2018, we added Standard Content to Onshape. This allowed you to insert hardware like nuts, bolts, screws, and washers much easier.


#3 Configurations 

Also added in January 2018 was Part Studio configurations. This was another example of Onshape taking a unique approach to how Configurations are created and managed. This new approach means it is no longer necessary to manage large tables listing every possible permutation.

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#2 Release Management 

In March 2018, Release Management and Approval Workflows were added to Onshape. These features help eliminate the data management headaches typically associated with PDM systems.

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#1 Onshape Enterprise 

Onshape Enterprise has revolutionized how modern companies with sophisticated design processes work. It provides insight and control into your organization’s intellectual property that no other solution can provide, and does so in a fully integrated way.

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So that’s my Top 10 list. With several hundred improvements to choose from, picking 10 is no easy task. If you are interested in learning more about these Top 10 improvements, check out our recent webinar:

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Want an even deeper look at all the improvements made in 2018? Check out our What’s New blog posts.

As always, thanks for being an Onshape customer and helping us build an even better design platform. As you might expect, there will be hundreds more new improvements and enhancements coming in 2019!