Time flies! It’s update time again. Let’s take a look at some of the latest additions to Onshape:

Mate Values

When creating or editing mates, the distance between mate connectors now shows up in the graphics. This is a great way to determine range of motion or limit values.

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Center Arc

There is a new Center Arc command in the sketch toolbar under arcs. This command is particularly useful when attaching the center point of arcs to already existing geometry.

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Improvements to Construction Planes

You can now pre-select entities as references for the Plane command. When pre-selecting entities, Onshape will automatically determine plane type based on selections.

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Transfer Ownership

It is now possible to transfer ownership of a Document to another user. In the Share dialog, there is a new permission for “Owner.” The transfer must be accepted by the other user to be completed.

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Share with Support in Feedback

A new “Share this Document with Onshape Support” option can be found when providing feedback. This makes providing feedback and sharing the model with Onshape’s support team a one-step process.

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Custom Templates in Drawings

When creating new drawings in option, you can now build templates on the fly with custom settings. You have control over things like ANSI vs ISO standard, units, sheet size, and many other settings that allow you to build a drawing with custom settings quickly.

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Reorder Sheets in Drawings

Sheets can now be reordered in drawings. Simply select the Sheets command from the toolbar, select the gear menu from the sheet you would like to move, and choose “Move up” or “Move down.”

Symbols in Drawing Notes

Symbols can now be inserted into drawing notes. When creating notes, you will see a new symbols menu.

View Scale Label

A label for scale can now be applied to any drawing view. Simply right click the drawing view, select “Properties,” then check the option for “Scale label.”

Enforcement of Free Plan Limits

In the latest update of Onshape, we have added programmatic enforcement of our Free Plan limits. The limits of the Free Plan have not changed. Onshape has simply added enforcement to prevent abuse.

As introduced in a previous update, Free Plan users are able to access up to 10 private Documents. Once the private Document count is reached, users will not be able to create new private Documents or access shared private Documents.

Free Plan users who exceed the private storage limit (100MB) will no longer be able to create new private Documents. Existing private Documents will have view-only access. Users will not be able to share these private Documents, but can download the Documents’ content in the supported formats.

Free Plan users who exceed the public storage limit (5GB) will no longer be able to create new public or private Documents. Existing Documents will have view-only access and users will be able to download the Documents’ content in the supported formats.

You can read more about the limits and their enforcement in our FAQs.