For years, Mac aficionados in the design realm grappled with a glaring void: the absence of a genuinely native and efficient CAD tool tailored to Apple's ecosystem. Many CAD solutions either necessitated cumbersome setups, didn't wholly embrace Mac's features, or simply didn’t offer the comprehensive tools that professional designers demanded. Enter Onshape.

Why Onshape is Every Apple Enthusiast's CAD Dream:

1. True Browser-Based Experience: Unlike many CAD tools that tout cloud capabilities yet still bind users with downloads and updates, Onshape operates seamlessly in a browser. Zero downloads, no installations – just your browser and your creativity coalescing.

2. Harmony Across macOS Variabilities: Whether you're running an older macOS iteration or have upgraded to the latest, or even if you’re navigating the waters between Intel and Apple Silicon chips, Onshape remains unfazed and consistently top-tier in its performance. Users of other “cloud-hybrid” CAD systems may find it impossible to run on the latest Apple chipset or require additional software to get up and running. 

3. A Universal CAD Tool: Its browser-centric nature ensures Onshape feels just as native on a Windows device or a Chromebook as it does on a Mac. This flexibility is a testament to true design freedom without borders.

4. Peak Performance Always: Browser-based doesn’t mean compromise. Onshape defies this notion, delivering a responsive, agile, and feature-rich CAD experience rivaling even the most premium standalone CAD software.

5. Holistic Apple Integration: Extending its compatibility beyond Macs, Onshape boasts dedicated iPhone and iPad apps engineered specifically for geometry creation and collaboration. These apps aren’t just mere afterthoughts; they are potent tools, ensuring that on-the-go designers don’t miss a beat. This commitment to mobile rounds out Onshape's offering, making it a complete 3D CAD for Mac solution for the Apple ecosystem.

A Practical Shift for Apple Users

Apple users have often had to navigate workarounds or settle for incomplete solutions regarding CAD tools. Onshape changes this scenario by offering an integrated experience across Apple's ecosystem – from Macs to iPhones to iPads.

Onshape stands out in the CAD landscape by seamlessly integrating with Apple's platform. With its robust browser-based design and dedicated apps for iPhones and iPads, it provides a consistent and efficient CAD experience across all Apple devices.

Hear from 3D CAD for Mac Users

CAD users aren’t exactly used to the joy of using CAD on Mac, so here’s what they’ve got to say:

I have been trying Onshape on Mac, [Windows], and Linux, and as long as I was working inside Onshape, they were all just fine. That's one reason to use Onshape after all. – Martin Kopplow, Onshape Forums

I use both a Windows and a Mac computer, but I used to be tied to just Windows when I was using SOLIDWORKS. … Our other hardware engineer prefers Linux, so he can also be consulted in some software development. So it's really nice for him to be able to load up Onshape in the browser on his platform, and I can use it on my two platforms. – Rory Aronson, Onshape Case Study

Some of my favorite features include multi-part files, how mating works in assemblies, the robust version control, detailed document histories, that it can run on my Mac (in the Chrome browser), the amazing mobile application for iOS, and the lower cost. I also very much appreciate the high speed at which the software is being developed. New features are coming out quick and bugs are addressed in days and weeks instead of years. – Samuel W., G2 Reviewer

If You Have a Mac, You Can Have Professional-Grade CAD!

It is now easy for professionals to experience Onshape on any platform. With the Onshape Discovery Program, qualified professionals can access Onshape’s professional plan for up to six months.  It's a great time to get going with the world's most widely used cloud-native CAD/PDM system and turn your MacBook and iPad into product design workhorses. 

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