It can be tough to find relevant professional development sessions that meet licensing requirements and fit within your schedule. 

We’re here to fill the gap.

The International Technology and Engineering Educators Association (ITEEA) developed the Onshape Certification byDesign curriculum for educators to prepare students for the Onshape Certified Associate industry-recognized credential. They also have created professional learning for educators centered around this curriculum. These offerings seek to help educators build their own CAD skills to become Onshape certified then prepare their students for certification. 

Depending on what you’re looking for, ITEEA and Onshape have resources to meet your needs.

The ITEEA Scholastics Course

ITEEA’s most comprehensive professional development opportunity is their Scholastics course. Each spring they offer a semester-long course to earn professional learning hours and graduate credit. 

In this course, participants will be the students going through the Onshape Certification byDesign curriculum. The course consists of three units consisting of five learning cycles followed by a preliminary and primary challenge. 

examples of the ITEEA course content

The next session begins February 20, 2023, from 6 p.m. - 8:05 p.m. EST and continues each week on Mondays (synchro­nously) and Thursday (asynchronously) through June 19, 2023. Although Thursdays are asynchronous, one of the course professors will be available via Zoom for additional support with the course materials. 

The benefits of completing this course include:

  • Earn 3 Graduate Credits through St. Cloud State University;

  • Free voucher for Onshape Certified Associate Exam;

  • Enhance your skills to teach and use Onshape in the classroom;

  • 40 professional learning hours;

  • Certificate of completion;

  • Annual discounted use of the course in your school’s learning management system (LMS);

  • Free attendance at the EbD Workshop of your choice at the 2023/2024 Annual Conference (space permitting).

Learn more about this opportunity.

ITEEA’s Annual Conference 

The ITEEA’s Annual Conference is a great opportunity to develop professionally and network with other STEM professionals. 

The 2023 conference will be held in Minneapolis, Minnesota,  April 12-15. In addition to panels and presentations, there will also be two hands-on workshops where the authors and trainers behind the Engineering byDesign course will explain how to get started with the Onshape Certification byDesign curriculum, will walk you through some modeling exercises with Onshape, and will discuss how you can prepare your students for the workforce with industry certification. 

Register for the conference and workshops.

Make sure to stop by the Onshape booth and STEM showcase presentation if you attend!

the Onshape team at a booth during an eventThe Onshape team manned the booth at a Robot Block Party, hosted by MassRobotics.

EbD Workshops

If those options don’t fit within your schedule, the ITEEA STEM Center for Teaching and Learning can also provide flexible, customized workshops for individuals or districts. Their certified National Teacher Effectiveness Coaches can provide training in a virtual, remote, or hybrid setting. Sessions are typically scheduled for four hours a day for four days. It is recommended to incorporate additional asynchronous working time to get more hands-on with the content delivered during the course. 

Contact ITEEA STEM Director Ryan S. Novitski to schedule your individualized professional learning toward Associates Certification today!

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