This summer, Team Onshape was proud to host three Tech Meetups across the world, from Amsterdam to Toronto to sunny San Francisco, bridging passionate minds within the CAD community. Each event was filled with a wealth of networking opportunities, CAD tips and tricks, and free food! 

attendees at the Toronto meetup
Onshape co-founder Jon Hirschtick speaks to attendees about Onshape. 

Onshape Tech Meetup: Amsterdam

Following the success of previous events in London, Paris, Hannover, and Frankfurt, Onshape was thrilled to organize its 5th Europe Tech Meetup in the flavorful city of Amsterdam. At Bar Botanique on July 4th, attendees from the CAD community heard from guest speaker Chris Maat on how Interko Heat Exchanges & Ripening Solutions is leveraging Onshape to design bespoke systems for fresh fruit ripening. As Managing Director of Interko, Maat touched on how employees have benefitted from the collaborative aspect of Onshape, which no other CAD platforms offer quite as well. 

Later in the evening, Bart van Let and Oscar Fokker presented German-based Festo NL’s impressive business model and the logistics of how their team was able to integrate Onshape into their workflow. In addition, David Nguyen, Onshape Senior Technical Services Specialist, gave attendees an exclusive sneak peek into a selection of unreleased enhancements we have in store

The Amsterdam event
Senior Technical Services Specialist at Onshape, David Nguyen, giving attendees a sneak peek into unreleased Onshape features. 

Onshape Tech Meetup: Toronto

On July 17th, attendees heard from five Trajekt Sports executives about how the Canadian team was able to use Onshape to create The Trajekt Arc, the only commercially available pitching machine capable of replicating human pitchers. While snacking on wraps and sipping on soft drinks, attendees heard from a selection of notable speakers from Trajekt. 

Onshape Account Executive Alex Arevalo said the most notable part of the event was hearing how Onshape enabled the Co-founders of Trajekt, Joshua Pope and Rowan Ferrabee, to “co-edit” their designs cohesively without the expensive funding that traditional CAD requires. 

Onshape, as a cloud-native CAD solution, provided Pope and Ferrabee with all the tools they needed on their budget-friendly laptops to design a machine that can replicate any pitcher’s precise delivery and repertoire. Despite living in three separate cities, they were able to leverage Onshape to build a machine that is now used by seven major league clubs

using the Trajekt pitching machine
An attendee hitting a ball from the new Trajekt Arc. 

Later in the day Onshape Co-founder, Jon Hirschtick, delivered a speech on the landscape of the CAD industry and his perspective on the potential trajectory of future technologies. As a special segment neared the end, attendees were given the chance to step into the batting cage themselves and put their baseball skills to the test. One attendee, Eric Gauthier, drove six hours to seize this exclusive opportunity. Closing the meetup, participants were given an hour and a half to network with these CAD industry experts. 

Jon speaks to attendees
Jon Hirschtick shares some valuable CAD advice with an attendee.

Onshape Tech Meetup: San Francisco

On the 25th of July, attendees gathered at Studio 25 with dinner and drinks to hear from both Hirschtick and leaders of Ebb Carbon, an environmental services company, about their journey adopting cloud-native CAD, Onshape.

After a warm welcome from Chris Steele, Head of Sales at Onshape, Hirschtick delivered a brief overview of how cloud-native CAD came to fruition. Following this, Noah Johnson, Senior R&D Engineer of Ebb Carbon, spoke about the company’s mission of harnessing electrochemistry to enhance the alkalinity of our oceans by removing excess CO2. He then provided an overview of how switching to Onshape has enabled his team to collaborate cross-functionally with enhanced ease. 

The San Francisco event
Senior Engineer at Ebb Carbon, Noah Johnson, addressing the crowd. 

Join Us for Our Next Event! 

If you couldn’t make it to any of our recent events, or perhaps are just looking for more fun, fear not! The Onshape Team is happy to host Tech Meetups and virtual Onshape User Group meetings throughout the year for the wider CAD community. 

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