According to G2, Onshape has the highest satisfaction rating in the best product and machine design software subcategory. G2 is a peer-to-peer software review website where verified users can post reviews about their software. 

So why do CAD users love Onshape so much?

There are many reasons why and each review varies with different use cases, but the top reasons include its cloud-native platform, speedy customer support, and frequent updates. 

G2 Ratings for Cloud-Native CAD

Onshape is a cloud-native CAD software, which opens the door for a hundred perks that other CAD software can’t offer. Users can save time by having their entire team work on the exact same file at the exact same time. 

Sharing one file online also allows teams to save money and effort by not having to manage a large database of files. A principal mechanical engineer at a small business posted a review on G2 titled “Onshape - The Future is Now,” where he praised Onshape’s cloud-native platform as its greatest strength. 

“There is significant time and cost savings from not managing copies of data that can only be appreciated by experiencing the difference yourself,” he said (and gave Onshape a G2 rating of 5 out of 5 stars). 

Speedy Customer Support

The cloud-native platform also makes customer support easy and fast. G2 reviewers have described Onshape’s support team as excellent, amazing, rapid, and superior. 

When users have a problem, they can easily click “Share this document with Onshape support” and provide direct access to design data to the support team. 

Even better, Onshape’s support team works closely with the development team to create new features and fix old features that users tend to have problems with, a level of customer service that is rarely found in other CAD support teams. 

One G2 reviewer said, “If there's ever something that's hard to figure out, they are quick to respond and have never let our team down when we needed help.” 

Onshape also offers dozens of tutorials and tips on our blog, YouTube channel, and forum

Frequent, Automatic Updates 

Improvements to Onshape from June 27, 2022, posted in the Onshape Forum.

Another miraculous aspect of Onshape is that it updates automatically every three weeks with new features for designing and management. Along with every update, Onshape posts a forum post titled “Improvements to Onshape” filled with thorough tutorials to show what’s new and how to use it. 

In 2021, Onshape released 16 product updates for all users and was the #1 fastest growing CAD system in the world according to 

These updates show customers that the Onshape team cares about its customers – whether paid or unpaid – and wants to provide them with the tools they need to innovate. 

TrustRadius Awards

To learn about what other verified Onshape users think about our platform, read about users’ experience on TrustRadius, another software review website, but you might find out that they love us even more. 

In 2022, Onshape won the Top Rated Award in computer-aided design, 3D modeling and 3D printing categories on TrustRadius, find out why. 

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