GreenSight Agronomics systems engineer Andrew DeLollis vividly remembers the insane workstation setup he had at his previous job. His computer had a loose electrical connection and if someone accidentally bumped his desk or the wall, his screen went blank.

“Depending how long it was since I had saved, I sometimes lost hours of CAD work in SOLIDWORKS,” he recalls. “It was pretty frustrating. And it would periodically crash on big assemblies, too.”

Spending time redoing lost work is something DeLollis hasn’t had to deal with since GreenSight switched to Onshape. It now doesn’t matter how many times colleagues bump into his desk because Onshape saves every design change forever on redundant servers. If there ever is a CAD crash, a new instance of the failed software component takes over in just a few milliseconds – as if an interruption never even happened.

GreenSight engineers Ben Pedtke (left) and Andrew DeLollis value Onshape's built-in collaboration features, eliminating the risks of colleagues overwriting each other's work.

GreenSight Agronomics provides military-quality drone intelligence to golf courses and farms seeking real-time data on their water and pesticide use. Given that drone development involves many moving parts and multiple contributors, GreenSight valued Onshape’s freedom to collaborate without restrictions. Whenever one team member makes a design change, everyone else on the team instantly sees it.

Onshape’s unique database architecture also ensures there are no confusing file copies. Modern CAD means that your CAD system and your CAD data live in one central and secure place in the cloud, leaving you with only one version of the truth.

"With SOLIDWORKS, occasionally someone would copy a file and name it differently when they made a change," adds DeLollis. "Integrating those changes into the master file, you'd have to make the same exact changes again. With Onshape, branching is built in. It makes it so much cleaner and easier. You don't even have the option of messing up."

To learn more about GreenSight Agronomics and their modern approach to design, visit the Onshape Customer Story page.

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