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Everything you need to know about transitioning from SOLIDWORKS to Onshape

Why Make the Switch?

Switching to a new CAD system can be daunting, but transitioning to cloud-native CAD has never been easier. Learn more about how to supercharge your productivity.

Onshape grants users the freedom to work anytime, anywhere on any web-connected device. Onshape’s cloud-native platform eliminates data crashes and lost data common to file-based CAD systems, all while delivering a reliable and secure service 24/7. Onshape’s cloud-native architecture automatically saves your full design history and allows you to restore design data from any point in time.

With Onshape, there's no need to compromise between speed and quality. No longer waste time on slow back-and-forth message exchanges, Onshape gives users the ability to have real-time visibility into a single source of design truth. With Onshape, multiple designers can work on the same design simultaneously or in parallel with other teammates. If your collaborations today feel isolated or chaotic, you will benefit from Onshape’s smoother experience.

Onshape has completely modernized the way people work with large assemblies, enabling them to build complex designs in an agile manner. Some of Onshape’s Key features include Multi-Part Design and better Assembly Mating, digital and detailed Drawings, modular design with Configurations, custom features with Feature Script, and built-in Simulation.

Onshape’s built-in Product Data Management (PDM) system eliminates the need for expensive, add-on PDM software by building data, version, and release management right into its architecture, saving users valuable time and money. Onshape’s fileless approach to PDM provides a full record of your product development history without requiring user check-in and check-out, granting engineers and extended design teams improved design transparency and real-time access to data.

One fundamental difference between Onshape and its core competitors is how straightforward and cost effective its pricing is. Onshape does not rely on expensive hardware, software updates, and additional administrator costs. This benefits companies by significantly reducing their IT overhead. Onshape licensing is flexible, new team members can be instantly provisioned a license and granted access to company design data. Additionally, licenses can be re-provisioned as needed.

How do Onshape’s features differ from SOLIDWORKS?

Why Viken Detection Chose Onshape

Viken Detection, the pioneer developer of handheld x-ray imaging instruments for law enforcement and security professionals, makes the HBI-120 imager that can “see through steel.” The product helps law enforcement quickly detect hidden drugs, weapons and other illegal contraband. Viken Detection, who had once used SOLIDWORKS, now designs its portable x-ray devices in Onshape to speed up their product development.

"Onshape is just so much more stable. We no longer have to worry about references getting lost or individual files getting corrupted. When we were using SOLIDWORKS, it would sometimes crash and we’d have to deal with recreating lost work."

- Howard Kellogg, lead mechanical engineer

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