At Onshape, we know a lot about SOLIDWORKS® because (as many of you already know) Onshape’s CEO Jon Hirschtick was the founder of SOLIDWORKS – and all six of Onshape’s co-founders were early and influential builders there.

So it’s no surprise to us that a high percentage of the professional CAD users we talk to use SOLIDWORKS. Some are looking to switch over to Onshape entirely and some are looking to use Onshape alongside their existing CAD system. If you’re a seasoned user of professional CAD tools like SOLIDWORKS, Creo®, Solid Edge®, NX™, CATIA® or Inventor®, moving onto another CAD platform can take a little getting used to. From mouse buttons to assembly mates, every system does things slightly different.

The video above details six things that will help smooth the transition from SOLIDWORKS to Onshape, but is relevant to every other CAD system, too. With a little practice, you’ll be flying with Onshape in no time and reaping the benefits you can only get from full-cloud CAD.

There are many reasons why companies are looking to replace or augment their current CAD system. Full-cloud CAD solves many issues associated with file-based, desktop-installed CAD, such as:

  1. Zero IT Overhead - No downloads, no installs, and no expensive CAD workstations to buy, configure and maintain. Onshape runs in a web browser on Mac, PC, Linux or Chromebook and on iOS and Android tablets and phones.
  2. Better IP Protection - No sending CAD files by email, FTP, or USB drive. With Onshape, you simply share your designs with edit or read-only permissions and then unshare them when a project is complete. Your data never leaves our server.
  3. Better Collaboration - No waiting for people to check-in the assembly so you can work on it. Onshape allows multiple people to work on the same design at the same time, either on the same part (!) or more commonly, on the same assembly, so the project gets completed faster with fewer bottlenecks.
  4. No PDM Required - No need to buy, install, or configure multiple seats of expensive and complicated PDM software, just to stop people from accidentally overwriting your work. With Onshape, you always work on the latest version of a Document and every action performed by every team member is recorded, so you can undo and redo as many times as you like and no work is ever lost.
  5. Instant CAD Deployment - If you have a new design team member joining a project – an employee, contractor, or even a vendor – you can give them instant access to your CAD system and CAD data just by adding their email to your Onshape Companies account. No waiting days or weeks for licenses or to provision a new computer. Get them up and running right away!

Whether you’re in the market for a new CAD system or not, Onshape can enhance many areas of your business. But don’t take my word for it - sign up for Onshape Professional to experience for yourself the power and flexibility of full-cloud CAD.