Why do over 2 million users trust Onshape for their Design Needs?

Cloud Native CAD

Onshape is the ONLY cloud-native CAD solution on the market. Offering unparalleled stability, reliability, and speed, Onshape eliminates data crashes and lost data common to file-based CAD. Delivering predictable, crash-free performance and exceptional customer support. Users can submit a support ticket from the user interface, letting staff diagnose and solve the challenge quickly. Real-time support ensures problems are quickly and easily resolved, with 99% of blocking issues resolved within 24 hours.

Robust Collaboration

Onshape enables designers, internal teams, customers, and external partners to access, collaborate, and design concurrently from anywhere in the world on any web-connected device. Onshape’s collaboration tools, such as controls for Sharing, Follow-Mode, Markup & Comments and Task Assignments, grants teams the ability to be more efficient in their communication, respond quickly to feedback, address customer needs and meet market demand. As a result, product development teams can work more efficiently, accelerating time to market.

Lower Cost

Unlike other companies that tack on PDM systems to core CAD products, Onshape is universally recognized for its revolutionary approach to managing design data because data, version and release management is built into its very architecture thereby eliminating the need to buy expensive add-on PDM software. Due to its cloud-native architecture, Onshape also eliminates the need for expensive, dedicated workstations and servers, annual software upgrades and the time and expense of routine hardware and software maintenance.

Agile Design Flow

Onshape's agile design flow is designed to be collaborative, iterative and flexible. This modern approach to product design uses a shared interface that allows all team members to collaborate in real time within a single source of design truth. All users involved can quickly facilitate and streamline feedback between the core engineering team, non-CAD users across the organization, or with outside clients or partners with ease.

A Better CAD Tool

Onshape’s innovative approach to CAD is improving the way engineers and designers work. Onshape includes a multi-part studio which enables users to build robust relationships between separate parts quickly in one design environment with a single shared parametric feature tree and history. In the same manner, Onshape’s unique file-less implementation sets a new industry standard for how parts within assemblies make references to each other and how those references update.

Configurations and Customizations

The ability to seamlessly configure parts and assemblies allows users to not only maintain a certain level of creativity, but also design products faster. With Onshape Configurations, designers can build on-the-fly customization into a design and can make quick modifications to include feedback such as: customer preference, supply chain availability or site requirements. Additionally, Onshape’s FeatureScript and integrated development environment (IDE) enables users to program their own custom features and apply them to their models easily.

Trusted by Thousands of Companies

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