Design Collaboration in the Cloud

Use Onshape’s CAD Collaboration tools for Creative Breakthroughs, Faster.

Why is collaboration essential to design?

Collaborating improves designs by bringing together diverse perspectives, which enhances overall team creativity, leading to a better product. During the design process, feedback is essential.  Onshape improves CAD collaboration thanks to its cloud-native platform, which allows simultaneous editing, Follow Mode, and Commenting to enhance direct feedback. Onshape also provides flexible sharing options so you can collect diverse stakeholder inputs efficiently, improving the design processes and project outcomes.

Key Features

Simultaneous Collaboration

Simultaneous Collaboration

Onshape’s unmatched collaboration capabilities deliver simultaneous editing, sharing, and real-time interactions. This allows teams to work together on the same document while providing social cues for presence and activity. This immediate feedback ensures all stakeholders are aligned and updated in real-time.


Follow Mode

Experience live design reviews and enhance training sessions with Follow Mode. Stay synchronized with the presenter in real-time, improving communication efficiency.

Markups, Comments, & Tasks

Streamline communication with real-time mark-ups and commenting directly inside the design tool, reducing reliance on lengthy emails. Then simplify project management by assigning Tasks to owners directly in the comments, ensuring tracking efficiency and completion.



Sharing and Access Permissions

Provide designers and engineers with sharing and access controls in Onshape to encourage collaboration. Customize permissions for CAD models, offering view-only, commenting, or full editing privileges. Ensure secure sharing with trusted partners and vendors.

Branching and Merging

Teams can explore alternative design ideas with Branch and Merge.  In Onshape, you can create experimental "branches" from core designs and easily revert to previous stages if necessary. Merge the best ideas and discard the rest, enhancing innovation without concern for loss.



Role-Based Access Control

Onshape prevents your data from falling into the wrong hands by providing advanced security measures like Role-Based Access Control (RBAC), audit logs, and 2-factor Authentication. These features ensure that only authorized users can access your data, providing control over intellectual property.

The New Collaboration: A Guide to Transforming Product Design

How engineering leaders use cloud-based CAD and real-time productivity tools to improve teamwork

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Master all the advanced collaboration techniques, with help from the Learning Center and Help Documentation

Got Questions?

For more answers or to ask a question, head over to the Onshape Forum.

For performance reasons, it is recommended that the number of simultaneous editors be kept at 4 or fewer. In addition, you should also consider that you can only see 4 collaborators in a document at any given time.

Comments can be deleted or edited. They are not recorded in the workspace history. For more details, see here.

While simultaneous drawing editing isn’t possible, there are a number of ways you can continue to communicate, markup, and collaborate on drawings. See here for tips on how to improve collaboration on drawings.

For security reasons, Onshape Enterprises can only share data with members of the same Enterprise. The most secure way of sharing data with a third party is to invite them as a guest. Guests can have Full or Light user licenses and can access only the data that has been explicitly shared with them

Yes, you can unshare a document with a user at any time. Users may also remove themselves from a shared document using the context menu on the Documents page or through the Share dialog. Details here.

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Heinrich Köchling Director of Worldwide Engineering Formulatrix
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“One of the things that most attracted us to Onshape is the collaborative capabilities. The ability for our American team and our Indonesian team to work together in real time is extremely valuable. We were losing a lot of time when we used to have to send files back and forth.”

Simultaneous collaboration allows users to accelerate time to market by shortening the feedback loop