CAD Drawings

Create, collaborate and share fully detailed and dimensioned CAD drawings which are automatically synchronized with your parts, assemblies and BOM in the Cloud.

What is a CAD Drawing?

CAD software facilitates creating parts, assemblies and drawings of real-world products – before they are ever manufactured. CAD Drawings can be 2D illustrations or 3D visualizations, and are used in the design, manufacturing and service of products often including detailed renderings, dimensions, bill-of-materials, and other specifications. Online CAD drawings can be shared, viewed and commented on from anywhere and on any web-connected device bringing teams together with manufacturing drawings which are always up to date.

Onshape’s CAD Drawings produce production-ready documentation for parts and assemblies which leverage industry standards for detailing and manufacturing. Only Onshape’s cloud-native platform provides the flexibility to share custom templates between users on any platform including iPad, iPhone and Android. Release manufacturing CAD blueprints using Onshape's built-in Release Management with automatic part numbering and customizable revision schemes.

Key Features

A detailed drawing of a standard subassembly.

Online CAD Drawings

Cloud-native Onshape Drawings have unique URLs, so sharing them with suppliers, manufactures and other stakeholders is as easy as sending a link or creating a mobile QR code.

Sharing CAD Drawings in Onshape is made secure by the support for fine grained editing permissions, controls for group and project based access, and a full traceable history of design changes and document access.

Custom machine design and drawing of a part assembly comprised of structural steel frames.

Make Complex Designs Simple to Communicate

Create high quality CAD drawing views of sketches, surfaces, parts and assemblies either on a single sheet or across multiple sheets. Create 2D, 3D, exploded and rendered drawings with standard and custom views. Create industry standard visualizations of valuable manufacturing information such as geometric dimensions and tolerances, surface finishes and fastener locations with tables, callouts, balloons and more.

Linked and Synced Drawings

Onshape’s Cloud-native architecture links assemblies with their drawings, allowing you to go from viewing 2D cross sections to editing parts in 3D with 1-Click.

Changes made to your design are automatically synced and reflected in any parts, BOM tables or linked information contained in your drawing.

Solar Panel Documentation.

Digital and Detailed Drawings

With support for photorealistic renderings, stylized markup and custom company templates you can create detailed high quality drawings.

You can query drawings and their associated parts, anywhere, at any time and on any device creating digital experiences for your stakeholders to better understand your product designs in both 2D and 3D.

Built-in PDM Versioning of Drawings in Onshape.

Trusted Drawings for Faster Time to Market

Never email a PDF again. Onshape’s built-in PDM allows you to search all of your drawings using part name, release status, version and when you share you can trust that you and your manufacturing partners are in sync on the same version.

Catch design issues early by utilizing modern mark-up which can be associatively linked to parts, assemblies and mate connections along with communication tools such as comments, notifications and task assignments.

Agility and Consensus in DFM Reviews

Quality drawings are key to the design for manufacturing (DFM) process. Read this manager's guide for soliciting stakeholder feedback for faster reviews and a faster time to market.

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Learn how easy making Drawings in Onshape can be

Got Questions?

For more answers or to ask a question yourself head over to the Onshape Forum.

Onshape supports import of DWG and DXF formats.

Onshape Documents are shared using secure unique URLs, via email notification or encapsulation into a QR code. When sharing a Document with export permissions to a supplier they can choose the correct export file type to download for compatibility with their system.

Onshape supports export of PDF,  DWG , and DXF formats.

A drafting standard includes a set of detailing document properties that you can use with multiple CAD drawings such as formats for dimensions. Onshape’s CAD drawings can be annotated to comply with ANSI and ISO drawing standards in addition to support for custom templates.

Onshape’s CAD drawing features use industry standards, plus the importing of custom CAD drawing templates that allow for customization for your company including stylized tables, fonts and logos. When first creating a CAD drawing you can choose to select an existing template or make a new custom one. You can also import your existing templates from SOLIDWORKS for a seamless transition from other CAD solutions.

To import CAD drawings into Onshape from SOLIDWORKS, first create and import DWG or DXF files. If you want to edit the imported CAD drawing, you can use the integrated app "ARES Kudo" from the Onshape app store:

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“Our production manager can access CAD drawings instead of having to come over to engineering and asking them to make a PDF of the latest version. Now they can do it themselves. All these small things add up.”

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