When it comes to using Onshape in a collaborative setting, there are a few ways you can be notified of the activities occurring within your Document. Let’s walk through how to take full advantage of these options to streamline your workflows.

Screenshot of how to set up Onshape notifications.

For starters, setting up your notification settings will put you on the right path. You can choose when you receive an email notification or mobile notification of events that happen within Onshape. I would recommend not turning them off, but rather choosing to only be notified about direct shares, mentions, and marked Documents.

Screenshot of how to set up Android mobile notification settings in Onshape.
Screenshot of how to set up iOS Onshape Notifications

Onshape notifications can also be sent to your phone or smartwatch to receive a high-level view of what’s happening. Be sure to set your phone settings to allow notifications from the Onshape mobile app.

Screenshot of how to receive comment notifications for an Onshape Document

In the Comments panel of an Onshape Document, you can explicitly mark the Document to receive emails for any comments that occur. This can be useful to keep track of specific Documents that you are focused on.

Screenshot of Onshape's email notification direct link inside Gmail.

Email notifications for tagged comments, releases and shares have direct URLs within them that are contextual. If a comment tags a specific part feature, the email link will send you to the appropriate tab and even the same view as the commenter while highlighting the tagged feature. Within Gmail, these links can be directly opened without even having to fully open the email as seen in the screenshot above.

Animation of how to access a release candidate through action items in Onshape

The Action Items view gives you a look at all of your outstanding actions to take within Onshape for both release candidates and tasks. You can learn more about action items from our previous tech tip on assigning tasks.

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