Comments in Onshape give you (and the people you are working with) a place to communicate directly inside an Onshape Document. Comments update in real time, and they can be associated with features, faces, parts, mates, and nearly everything else in Onshape. In addition, thanks to an improvement late last year, you can now assign tasks to individuals directly within a comment in Onshape. Let’s take a look.

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Assigning someone a task in Onshape is simple. When tagging an individual in a comment, check the box for “Assign to (Name of person you tagged).” Take the example below. Here we would like to assign someone the task of running an FEA study on a part. So we need to create a comment tagging that part, and assign the task to an individual by clicking “Assign to.”

If that person is not currently shared into that Document, you will see a message appear asking you if you would like to share that Document with them.

If the person being assigned the task is currently in that Document, the comments flyout will appear with the comment. If they are not in the Document at that time, they will be sent an email.

That person can then open the Document and see the task assigned to them.

To mark a task complete, simply click the “Resolve” checkbox in the top-right corner of the comment.

If you are interested in seeing all of your assigned tasks, we recently added an Action Items functionality that will show you a list of all your outstanding tasks. The Action Items list will also show you any releases that are waiting for your approval.

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So that’s it! Combining Onshape’s unique comment capabilities with the ability to assign tasks and view Action items now makes it easier to communicate with your teams efficiently.