Watermarks provide a quick visual for whether or not a CAD Drawing has been released. With Onshape’s integrated Release Management, you have a simple way to show watermarks on unreleased Drawings.

Drawing showing the watermark

The Watermark Option

With either a Professional or Enterprise subscription, watermark options are found in the company/enterprise settings. These options are available for modification by company administrators. Once in the company settings, navigate to the Release Management section and scroll down to the Actions options. 

Here is where you’ll find the option “Show Watermark for Unreleased Drawings.” Check this option to show watermarks in your company’s Onshape Drawings. The watermark will reflect what step the drawing is in within the workflow, showing: In progress, Pending, Rejected, or Obsolete. If the drawing is Released the watermark is not visible.

Release Management Actions watermark option

Enabling Show watermarks in Onshape Drawings

An Additional Watermark Option

When “Show Watermark for Unreleased Drawings” is enabled, an additional option becomes available directly beneath it, “Hide Watermark for Drawings that are not Revision Managed.” When enabled, this option excludes Drawings that are not revision managed from showing a watermark.

Additional option for watermarks, hide watermarks for non revision managed.

This Tech Tip helped you learn how to add watermarks to an Onshape Drawing. We have more resources for you to learn more about related features, like Drawing Tips and Tricks

To learn more about watermarks, watch the video below: 

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