Part Studio: FeatureScript in a CAD Model

Onshape's Part Studios utilizes FeatureScript and industry leading parametric design to provide a flexible and innovative way to create CAD models and capture design intent. Design complex solid, surface and sheet metal parts in your CAD model using top-down or bottom-up methodologies. As a cloud-native product development platform, Onshape lets you create designs on any device alongside other engineers simultaneously.


What is a Part Studio?

Onshape has extended the power of parametric design with the Part Studios environment, which is a container to create and edit parts, surfaces, curves and sketches.  Custom Features written in FeatureScript allows you to customize your Parts Studios to fit your design needs. Instead of managing complex file references in the early stages of a design, Part Studios use the power of a single parametric history to build robust relationships between multiple parts and to enable true top-down design. Parts designed in a Part Studio are naturally treated independently in assemblies, bill of materials, Release Management, and other downstream applications.

Using a Part Studio

Capture design intent and create robust inter-part relationships in your CAD model by designing parts together using a top-down approach in a Part Studio. Parts are defined from the same parametric history tree using shared layout sketches, shared features or the geometry of surrounding parts to ensure that updates are robust and predictable. Each part in the CAD model is treated independently with its own material and properties and can be freely used in multiple different assemblies and drawings.

Custom belt feature in CAD cloud software

Custom Features (FeatureScript)

Automate complex, rules-based or repetitive design tasks using Custom Features to accelerate your design process and capture design intent. Written in FeatureScript, the same programming language used by the Onshape development team, Custom Features look and behave the same as the standard built-in features. Write your own Custom Features and share them with your team or add features created by other Onshape users to your toolbar.

Rich Feature Set

Each of Onshape's parametric design features perform multiple operations in one, reducing the number of features required, icon clutter and user training. Choose whether features create solid, surface or sheet metal geometry, add or remove material and which parts they should be applied to in your CAD model. Preview the effect of feature changes to the entire regenerated model.

Import dropdown menu in CAD cloud interface

Imported Data

Import CAD data in neutral and native file formats, such as STEP, Parasolid, JT, SOLIDWORKS, CATIA, NX, Creo and Inventor. Reuse legacy CAD data and make modifications when necessary using Onshape's powerful direct editing tools. 

Sheet metal tool in cloud-based part studio | Onshape

Part Studio on the Cloud

Onshape’s cloud-based data management and CAD collaboration features allow you to use the Part Studio with other engineers, simultaneously. Branching and merging features allow for riskless experimental editing. While many product development platforms offer capabilities similar to Onshape Part Studio, only Onshape delivers a true cloud-native product development solution and part studio experience. 

Onshape's Part Studio offers users with a rich feature set and custom options to drive product development innovation

"I haven’t used a file-based CAD system yet that hasn’t crashed on me, especially in the concept-generation stage. I’ve never lost work in Onshape and I never have to remember to hit the save button. At this point, it would be a struggle to return to our old CAD system."

Lead Mechanical Engineer, Voxel Innovations

"As our company grows, Onshape has made it so much easier for me to manage our different engineering groups and review their progress in real time."

Azizi Tucker
CTO, XING Mobility

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