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Finally, CAD for mechatronic teams is here.

There is growing demand for robotics, with more industries looking to automate workflows and optimize workforces. For companies that can meet those needs – leveraging skills and knowledge across CAD design, mechanical and electrical engineering, control and software – there are huge opportunities ahead.

There’s never been more pressure to design, innovate and deliver robotics design innovation at speed. Rest assured, cloud-native CAD with built-in PDM is here to accelerate your agile design process. At last, collaboration between your cross-disciplinary teams can be centered around a shared, real-time view of the CAD model.

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Helping You Turn Complex Robotic Designs Into Reality. Faster.

CAD is our passion. It’s so much more than just software to us.

Developing better CAD features and functionality only matters if they translate into better outcomes for our customers, and our customers' customers.

Trusted by top robotics researchers and innovators, Onshape's cloud-native product development platform removes the bottlenecks of traditional file-based CAD and PDM so you can return to your passion. Robotics will solve many of humanity's pressing challenges – with improvements to technology, automation and safety. What problem will you solve with Onshape?

The most successful robotics teams build a company culture of inclusion and agility, where collaboration is real-time, multi-user and cross-disciplinary.

Onshape Simulation gives mechatronic developers meaningful and interactive mechanical guidance on the behavior of their designs under load.

Teams can visualize animated stress, displacements and safety factors with finite element analysis (FEA) that is built into Onshape’s assembly environment.

Onshape helps you break down highly complex assemblies – a common development problem with robotics – and advance your ideas step-by-step.

Create more opportunities for innovation with easy-to-use solid modeling, advanced surfacing and intuitive assembly mates – all with automatic version control.

Build your hardware like software. Fearlessly explore new design ideas by branching the CAD model and merging in desired changes, without any risk of losing or overwriting work.

In today’s fiercely competitive market, startups and established companies alike need to stay on top of the latest technologies to earn brand recognition and customer loyalty.

Onshape’s cloud-native CAD with built-in PDM saves teams significant time by ensuring that everyone has access to the latest design data on any device, regardless of their location.

CAD models and Publications can be securely shared with customers, suppliers and manufacturing partners to solicit feedback earlier, avoid miscommunication, and get to market faster.

A shortage of printed circuit boards (PCBs), chips, sensors or other essential electrical components can seriously disrupt the design and delivery of a new robotics system.

Now more than ever, companies need to be resilient to supply chain disruptions. Onshape enables designers and engineers to rework their MCAD / ECAD designs quickly.

Onshape’s collaboration tools along with its connection to Arena PLM enable teams to respond to unexpected changes more quickly – including reviewing designs, identifying alternative approaches and sharing new requirements with suppliers.

Sharing data between distributed design and manufacturing teams and supply-chain partners can place intellectual property (IP) at risk.

Onshape better protects your ideas via strict security protocols. No data ever leaves Onshape’s cloud-based servers, and access to Onshape Documents (URLs) can be revoked at any time.

Know who looks at your proprietary designs and when, with traceable, comprehensive audit logs.

Don’t let your legacy data determine your future. Take control of your transition to cloud-native CAD with tools for bulk SOLIDWORKS data migration..

Monarch, an Onshape Partner App, can import SOLIDWORKS part files, assemblies and non-CAD files, such as PDFs. Onshape will maintain part properties, version and release information, and folder structure, all while preventing duplicates. Monarch can even replicate local file structure and create folders in Onshape. Founded by the team that developed SOLIDWORKS, Onshape is based on the Parasolid kernel, and is also compatible with all major CAD file formats.

All migration journeys to the cloud are unique; but those who have transitioned are now more agile than ever before.

Trusted by Top Robotics Manufacturers

Ocado Technology Uses Onshape to Boost Agile Product Development for Robotics and Automation in the grocery store industry.

"Building competition robotics is a challenging prospect. Given our tight timelines and rigorous standards, Onshape enables us to move fast and build the best robots possible."

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“30 years in the design field and this is the best CAD system that I have ever used.”

“The Game-changer. Working from home presents a challenge for engineers such as myself. However, Onshape facilitates our ability to design, share files, and collaborate with one another.”

The State of Product Development & Hardware Design 2022-2023

Explore the biggest challenges facing today’s engineering and manufacturing teams – and their top priorities for improving business agility.

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Education and Research

Onshape is a proud supporter of robotics education at both the K12 and university levels, enabling teachers and researchers to use CAD as a strategic part of their innovative work.

Check out some of the tools and integrations developed at top research universities and see how Onshape is supporting students to be engaged in robotics.

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