Have you ever wondered what your life would be like if you had C3PO by your side? Would you be able to enjoy the world more? 

CEO of isento GmbH Dr. Jürgen Baier has always loved learning about 3D printing, robotics, and artificial intelligence. At isento, Baier helps teams create efficient IT solutions for their projects. 

Baier recently decided to start a project that would combine his two passions of technology and helping people on a whole new level. He created pib, an open-source 3D-printable robot.

To introduce pib to the Onshape community, Baier presented at an Onshape webinar titled, How isento Uses Onshape to create Pib, the Collaborative 3D-Printable Humanoid Robot.

creating pibRobotics enthusiasts work on pib’s mechanics. (Courtesy: pib.rocks)

Pib: A Smart Robot for Everyone

Baier always dreamed of having a humanoid robot that could assist him with everyday tasks like getting coffee and finding his keys so he could focus on the joys of life. 

However, most robots are too expensive and too complicated for individual use, so he decided that he was going to make his own with the help of his team at isento. 

The project came with a lot of struggles. The first was that his team was too small to create a full-fledged, smart, 3D-printable robot on their own. They realized that making the project open-source could bring more robotics enthusiasts from around the world into the project.

Open-source also means that anyone can make an impact on the development of the world’s future while meeting mentors and friends along the way. 

To Baier, the project’s multi-faceted goals make pib all the more powerful. 

“We hope that community members get so excited about pib that they really want to get involved with our development process and bring pib’s abilities further so that we can one day reach a fully-fledged, smart, humanoid robot,” Baier said. 

To get involved with the pib project, all you have to do is make an account on pib.rocks and you will receive access to 3D printing templates and connections with other makers. 

Testing out the 3D-printable robot pibpib learns how to imitate (Courtesy: pib.rocks)

Cloud-Native CAD and the pib Project

When Baier was deciding what CAD software to use, he realized that since the project would rely on collaboration around the world, he needed software that provided collaborative tools in-app. 

Onshape is cloud-native and can easily run on any browser on any device. The cloud platform also means that templates and designs can be shared with a simple click of a button. 

For the pib project, Onshape works perfectly with Baier’s needs. CAD on the cloud is more accessible for anyone to use without having to worry about owning the same hardware as your teammates, having a workstation nearby, or needing a team of IT support. 

With Onshape, absolutely anyone can contribute to the pib project. 

Watch the Full Webinar!

Some other topics that Baier talks about in this webinar include an update on the functionality of pib’s limbs, a full tour of pib in Onshape, and an introduction to pib.labs, a new collaborative environment. 

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