Onshape is proud to support student robotics competitions such as FIRST® and VEX with Onshape software and learning resources for your team.

Student Quick Start Guide

To start your robotics season, sign up for your FREE Onshape Education account. Then, learn how to use Onshape with our two courses, CAD Basics and Onshape Fundamentals.

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The first step when using Onshape for Robotics is to create or sign into your Education Account. Click the link to go to the sign-up page!

CAD Basics

Explore key concepts involved in modeling parts and assemblies in a feature-based parametric CAD system.

Onshape Fundamentals

Learn fundamental CAD concepts specific to Onshape including navigation, sketching, part studios, and assemblies.

With your newfound understanding of Onshape,
click here to jump to the FTC field models and parts libraries files


CAD for Robotics Competitions

Onshape is the ideal solution for teams designing robots for competitions. This course will introduce you to Onshape and the many features that will take your robotics team to the next level.

Team Resources

Onshape has articles, videos, and curriculum for team mentors and leads so your robotics team can design, troubleshoot, and document plans with ease.
How to Onboard Your FIRST Robotics Team Using Onshape

Check out this article for help setting up your team, importing data from an old CAD system, learning CAD basics, and more.

How to Set Your FIRST Season Up for Success with Onshape

Many teams have wanted to incorporate CAD but haven’t had the devices or expertise to introduce it to their team. With Onshape, your team can CAD on whatever devices you have in whatever circumstances you face this season.

Collaborate with CAD Using Onshape in FIRST

Learn from two FRC alumni and current mentors how you can set your team up for success this season by incorporating fully-online CAD.

Intro To CAD

Intro to CAD is a set of curriculum resources educators can use to teach CAD. It is appropriate for students new to CAD at the high school or college/university level.

Onshape for FIRST: a YouTube Playlist

This YouTube Playlist is for FIRST Robotics Teams. The videos have information and helpful tips on how to use Onshape to make the best robots possible.

Onshape for VEX: a YouTube Playlist

This YouTube Playlist is for VEX, including videos on how to use Onshape for the competition.

FTC & FRC Field Models and Libraries

Access the tools that other FIRST Teams use to create their designs

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Grants for FTC & FRC Teams

Priority is given to teams with PTC mentors/coaches and/or co-sponsored by PTC customers and committed to making the FIRST community more equally representative in terms of gender, race, and background.

Check back in August 2023 for grant opportunities.

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