Fast, Efficient Structural Framing

What is Onshape Frames?

Onshape Frames lets users create structural frame designs in Onshape. This new toolset allows users to accelerate design and development of structural frames with a library of standard frame profiles, comprehensive frame trimming, and a built-in cut list to ensure accuracy in the manufacturing process.


Standard Frame Profiles

Designers and engineers can choose a frame profile from a convenient drop-down selection of industry standard section profiles including ISO, ANSI, AS, AISC and 8020 bar and tube stock profiles. Once a standard is selected, the user can then specify a profile type and browse a menu of material sizes.

Frame Trimming

Using the built-in trim feature, users can trim frame segments quickly and efficiently. Additionally, groups of frame segments can be automatically trimmed to others based on structure hierarchy, with higher priority elements edited first, followed by those with lower priority. The result is a workflow that avoids the time-consuming process of trimming frame segments individually.

Corner Treatment

When selecting corner treatments, users can choose a style that best suits their project from a variety of corner types including mitered, butt or coped butt edges. Users can also change the style and direction of corner treatment quickly and easily.

Built-in Cut List

Onshape Frames has a built-in cut list that lets users create an overview of all the segments in a frame including the individual characteristics of each segment. This allows users to share detailed specification and BOM entries with manufacturing partners. The result is improved accuracy and the elimination of mistakes that can occur in the transfer of product information. While the frames toolset as a whole helps to reduce design cycle time, the cut list itself maintains accurate and up-to-date BOM entries which always reflect the current state of the frame design.

Start using Frames Today with Onshape

"As our company grows, Onshape has made it so much easier for me to manage our different engineering groups and review their progress in real time."

Azizi Tucker
CTO, XING Mobility

"I haven’t used a file-based CAD system yet that hasn’t crashed on me, especially in the concept-generation stage. I’ve never lost work in Onshape and I never have to remember to hit the save button. At this point, it would be a struggle to return to our old CAD system."

Lead Mechanical Engineer, Voxel Innovations

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