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Jumpstart growth with the only cloud-native CAD tool in the industry. Join the startup program, and get Onshape Professional at no cost*.


*Special conditions and restrictions may apply. Onshape reserves the right to change or terminate this program. Please note, this program is only open to new customers.

Agile startups prefer designing in Onshape

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Helping Your Team Work Better, and Grow.

Developing new products is no easy task. For hardware startups, building a team from the best talent available is critical. Onshape is the only product development platform that can be deployed instantly, on any device, enabling teams to work together from anywhere in the world. Expand that talent search beyond your postal code, and collaborate more effectively – in ways you never thought possible.

Image showing versions and branches of a complex design history.

Harnessing Agility.

For hardware startups , the Agile Product Development approach brings faster iteration and unrivaled collaboration to encourage more exploration of design possibilities. Onshape not only enables better innovation with its fresh data management approach, but our software development team also lives by (and breathes) agile methodology. This means every three weeks Onshape delivers new functionality, allowing you to get your job done more efficiently. Take a look at Onshape’s latest updates to see what new features or improvements can benefit your team today.

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Safeguarding your Intellectual Property.

IP protection and security are paramount for all companies. But startups have the additional security challenge of soliciting bids from many suppliers and contractors they’ve likely never worked with before. If a vendor were to inadvertently or deliberately leak your data, it could prove disastrous. Onshape’s strict access controls enable you to provide the right level of permissions for each team member, contractor, or supplier. Your intellectual property is protected at all times, and any employee’s or partner’s data access can be revoked at any time. Learn more about everything Onshape does to protect your company’s data.

A PCB board rendering over a release workflow diagram, showing the approval process.

Managing Data through all Phases of Growth

While your top priority today might be getting a product to market ASAP, as your product matures and your team grows, revision control and data management will undoubtedly take on more importance.. The good news? With Onshape’s built-in PDM and revision control, your company can scale up from tech startup to multinational corporation, all while using the same design tool at its core.


Unbeatable Value, and added Perks!

The best news: If you’re accepted into the Onshape Startup Program, the price (free) is impossible to beat. In addition, participants can take advantage of complementary e-learning, discounted live training, workshops, office hours, and more! Apply today, and give your team the jumpstart needed to get to market, with a product development platform that can grow with your business.

Onshape Startup Program

By offering Onshape Professional to hardware startups and entrepreneurs at no cost, we’ve helped thousands design better products faster, eliminate bottlenecks earlier, streamline collaboration, and save time and money.

*Offer for new customers only.

Onshape Updates Every 3 Weeks

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