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A pedal assembly in Onshape

Improve Processes

Automotive manufacturers are under increasing pressure to reduce time to market while increasing quality, reliability and overall margins. Continuous improvement programs enable companies to revisit their product development processes, collect usable data, track previous successes and fine-tune each process. Gathering meaningful metrics from disconnected teams and data silos is difficult at best.

Onshape’s unique cloud-native architecture captures and records every interaction with company data by employees, contractors and suppliers. Detailed project activity feeds, comprehensive audit logs and real-time analytics provide unprecedented visibility, helping executives manage resource allocations, measure team effectiveness, and make informed data-driven business decisions.

A throttle assembly drawing in Onshape

Collaborate Effectively

Emissions regulations and the demand for vehicle electrification are driving OEMs and their suppliers to develop and continually improve vehicle efficiency. As automotive and transportation systems become increasingly more sophisticated, products must be co-designed in real-time with partners and suppliers. Close collaboration requires processes and data to be synchronized. 

Onshape brings geographically dispersed teams together in a unique, cloud-native environment that enables simultaneous editing of design data anywhere on any device. Built-in data management tools track changes and revisions in real-time. Compatibility with industry-standard data formats reduces barriers to successful collaboration between teams, disciplines and companies.

Hardware startup 5G wireless router in Onshape

Innovate Faster

Innovations in new propulsion technologies and improvements to traditional engines, transmissions and drivelines require complex interactions between multiple subsystems and components. Powertrain engineers and other systems designers need to work together to understand the issues, evaluate possible solutions and prevent costly errors and rework.

Onshape’s flexible design environment enables teams to design related parts and subassemblies together to capture design intent, ensure updates propagate predictably, and to achieve key design objectives on time and on budget. Alternate design solutions can be explored in parallel, either together or independently, then merged together to arrive at the best possible solution.

"As our company grows, Onshape has made it so much easier for me to manage our different engineering groups and review their progress in real time."

Azizi Tucker
CTO, XING Mobility

"Onshape lets us instantly share our CAD models with our partners so they can review them in real time. We just send them a link and they can view, turn and zoom in on any detail. Getting feedback is much quicker."

Rafal Pijewski
CTO, Actonika

"NASCAR just came out with new aerodynamic requirements for next year. Onshape made the process extremely easy. To be able to make the design changes, run CFD simulations, and get the results within a day and a half is pretty awesome."

Matt Borland
Crew Chief, Germain Racing

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