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Game-changing brands don’t just create famous products – they sometimes also invent new product categories. Behind great brands are great design teams. Teams that collaborate effectively to merge their best ideas into innovative products, delivering results that individuals otherwise would not achieve on their own.

Cloud-native Onshape includes advanced surface modeling and photorealistic rendering tools, allowing your consumer product designers to better personalize and stylize your brand. Onshape’s robust CAD system with built-in PDM provides 24/7 stability, offers unprecedented accessibility from any device, and requires zero IT overhead. Releasing automatic upgrades every three weeks, our R&D team is constantly working on new ways for you to make the most out of your design time.

See the product you’re building in real time in its environment. Onshape provides a complete solution for consumer product design software, taking you further to visualize your final product with Augmented Reality (AR) views of your CAD models powered by Vuforia.

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Helping You Turn Big Ideas Into Better Products. Faster.

CAD is our passion. It’s so much more than just software to us.

Developing better CAD software, with new features and functionality, only matters if it translates into better products for our customers.

Onshape’s cloud-native product development platform removes the bottlenecks of traditional file-based CAD and PDM so you can return to your passion. So you can focus less on software and more on your design, engineering, strategy and brand.

Consumer preferences change fast. Onshape lets you share your early design ideas in real time to build consensus sooner with engineering, manufacturing, sales, and marketing teams.

You can better customize and stylize design concepts to meet market needs with advanced surfacing tools, mixed modeling (support for OBJ), and custom CAD features tailored specifically for your business.

Build photorealistic renderings of your designs with high-definition scenes, using a comprehensive library of materials and lighting options powered by Nvidia GPUs in the cloud.

Consumers want it all. They want high-tech, eco-friendly designs made with greener materials that also don’t break the budget.

Ambitious sustainability goals combined with a need for the latest electronics means that teams have to spend more time exploring design alternatives.

Onshape supports better electromechanical design cycles with branching and merging, bidirectional ECAD/MCAD exchange, and advanced surfacing to package up your designs.

Develop your ideas, test consumer reactions, and support new product introductions (NPI) with fast and flexible prototyping.

Onshape better supports the exploration of more design variations. You can create and switch between design configurations easily, explore a full design space with global variables, and create as many design branches as you need to test new ideas.

Simulating loads on designs and selectively merging changes from multiple users is easy in Onshape, helping collaborative teams build durable products that consumers will love for years to come.

Onshape is file-less. Imagine a cloud-connected supply and manufacturing chain that doesn’t expose your design information by requiring you to send copies of files by email or through FTP.

Onshape securely stores your data in the cloud and records every design change, every export, and every share. Protect your intellectual property (IP) by controlling access to sensitive CAD files with instant provisioning and deprovisioning of users.

Share only what you want to share by packaging designs, drawings and information into Publications. Your IP is your brand identity – always be sure who is looking at your data and why.

When companies are ready to go full-speed ahead, Onshape helps scale their manufacturing with cloud-connected CAD, PDM, and PLM.

The Onshape-Arena PLM Connection helps companies optimize consumer product development, meet quality and regulatory requirements, and establish strong supply chains.

Don’t let your legacy data determine your future. Take control of your transition to cloud-native CAD with tools for bulk SOLIDWORKS data migration..

Monarch, an Onshape Partner App, can import SOLIDWORKS part files, assemblies and non-CAD files, such as PDFs. Onshape will maintain part properties, version and release information, and folder structure, all while preventing duplicates. Monarch can even replicate local file structure and create folders in Onshape. Founded by the team that developed SOLIDWORKS, Onshape is based on the Parasolid kernel, and is also compatible with all major CAD file formats.

All migration journeys to the cloud are unique; but those who have transitioned are now more agile than ever before.

Agile Companies Prefer Designing in Onshape

Withings Develops “The World’s Most Advanced Health-Tracking Watch”

Hybrid smartwatch pioneer relies on cloud-native Onshape to streamline collaboration between its globally distributed design teams.


"Break through product - long overdue in CAD Industry...Wish this tool were around 10 years ago...Don’t be afraid of the cloud."


"This software is my daily driver. I’ve based my entire product development company around it...The surfacing tools are second to none. "


"Onshape has put SOLIDWORKS on notice...We use Onshape for all of our mechanical product designs. Onshape allows us to rapidly develop models and drawings to solve our customer's challenges."

10 Tips to Improve Your Surfacing Skills

This eBook will teach you 10 Surface Modeling tips that will make it easier to build better consumer products.

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