Render Studio

Photorealistic rendering, on any supported web-browser, powered by Onshape

What is Render Studio?

Render Studio is a new capability within the Onshape platform that allows users to create photorealistic rendering of CAD models without the need for a high-end graphics processing unit (GPU) or dedicated workstation. Bolstered by a diverse catalog of materials, textures and lighting options, designers and engineers can now create dynamic professional grade images of their Onshape models within a high-resolution, 360-degree environment.


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Key Features

Accelerate CAD Design

Render studio allows designers and engineers to quickly visualize their design modifications in a variety of interchangeable background environments. Rather than waiting through the delays of the traditional development and prototyping process, designers and engineers can now make immediate design improvements and make the choice that best fits their audience, accelerating time-to-market.

Improve Design Collaboration

With Render Studio, users can collaborate in real time with key stakeholders like the marketing department, sharing many rendered options. This easy collaboration enables other CAD and non-CAD users to easily visualize the final product while providing professional grade marketing photo options to use during a new product launch.

rendering of airplane wheels made in Onshape

Environment Library

The Environment Library within Render Studio lets users create realistic environments with dynamic lighting and shadow effects. Users can choose from a large assortment of options, including the color and intensity of light (lumens) and the overall impact lighting delivers within the scene to create a truly immersive and photorealistic image.

Render Studio in Onshape

Materials Library

The Materials Library within Render Studio lets users select and model a variety of materials and textures such as metal or rubber or matte finish to apply to their design. This allows users to experiment with and visualize the impact of different materials on their design. Once customized by the user, preferred materials can be saved for future designs, saving time and effort.

Render Studio in Onshape

Design Updates

With the Design Updates feature, users can select a surface or material to modify, and automatically apply it to all instances where the same component is used. Automatic design updates save time and eliminate the need to select and update each item individually.

Render Studio Advanced

Gone are the days of needing expensive workstations to achieve exceptional renders on a CAD system. Render Studio leverages the cloud computing performance of NVIDIA Iray technology to simulate the physical behaviors of light and materials, enabling even photo newcomers to achieve professional product images on any web-connected device.

The human eye doesn't have a fixed resolution but if it did it would be roughly 100 megapixels, Render Studio Advanced is useful for designers, engineers and marketing professionals needing the highest quality images. High resolution is useful in both print and digital marketing such as the ability to extensively digitally crop, zoom and focus. Render Studio Advanced gives you the flexibility for high resolution requirements for Marketing or AR, VR and Mixed reality applications typically displayed in 8K (33 megapixels) or higher resolution.

Video Game Controller Render This video game controller, designed in Onshape, is shown zoomed in with three different resolutions below.

Render Studio
Resolution: 2k HD
1,920 x 1,080 pixels

Render Studio Advanced
Resolution: 8k UHD
7,680 x 4,320 pixels

Render Studio Advanced
Resolution: 100 MP
11,547 x 8,660 pixels

Render Studio images can be output in Full High Definition ( up to 2 megapixels ) and are suitable for marketing, such as 1280 x 1024 pixel resolution images which are 1.3 megapixel. With an additional upgrade to Render Studio Advanced you can render images up to 100 megapixel or 10,000 x 10,000 image resolution.

Image resolution can be set in the Render Studio options panel using height and width prior to rendering.

Using cloud-based NVIDIA Iray technology, rendering times for large images are highly performant without requiring users to specify HPC settings.

Image Resolution
Onshape Plan

Render Studio

For general use for presentations, web, social media and marketing purposes.

Up to 2 Megapixel Images
Included with Onshape Professional and Enterprise (Full) plans

Render Studio Advanced

For highest quality images for High Definition (8K UHD) and large-format printing.

Up to 100 Megapixel Images
$1,000 per user, per year

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With Render Studio you can render up to 2 Megapixels. For highest quality images for High Definition (8K UHD) and large-format printing upgrade to Render Studio Advance.

Yes, you can select the options near the gear icon in the scene graph and select ‘Caps Enabled’ as the property setting.

Get High Resolution, 100 megapixel, images with Render Studio Advanced