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How two free tools will accelerate your transition from SOLIDWORKS to Onshape


Translates SOLIDWORKS features into an Onshape Part Studio.

These features are crucial for maintaining accuracy and flexibility, allowing your teams to effectively explore, analyze, and alter designs once they transition to Onshape.

Use Case

Active documents & cross-platform collaboration




Bulk migrates SOLIDWORKS data to Onshape, including:

  • Importation of part files
  • Fully built assemblies
  • Avoids duplication
  • Maintains metadata
  • Associates non-CAD files, including PDF drawings

Use Case

Large-scale migration to Onshape



Questions about SolidTranslate?

After each feature is translated, the resultant geometry mass, surface area, and volume is verified. This is continued for every step of the process until the final design is complete.

Only .sldprt files are supported.

On the Onshape side, any discrepancies are dealt with via custom features. SOLIDTranslate uses FeatureScript, to bridge the gap between feature definitions in SOLIDWORKS and Onshape.

In short, any "prismatic" parts should translate with high success rates. Specialty design types like weldments, sheet metal, or parts that have complex surfacing are not good candidates for translation.

Questions about Monarch?

No. SOLIDWORKS drawing files (.slddrw) can be exported as either a PDF or DXF. If the ‘Upload to new document’ is selected, the drawing will be exported to its own document in the Onshape destination. If the option for ‘associating the drawing’ is selected, the exported PDF/DXF will be uploaded to the same document as the part referenced in the drawing.

Mates and other assembly features are not supported. The assembly will be reconstructed in Onshape by importing parts into an assembly studio. Parts are placed in the assembly in their current position in Solidworks. There’s an option to group them “as imported”.

Each configuration of a part or assembly is created in a separate studio in the part/assembly document. The name of the element (tab) will have the configuration added to it.

You can download the trial here.

The free trial of Monarch is limited to 4 files per upload. This includes referenced files through either non-cad or assembly references.
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