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SolidTranslate General Questions

Requirements are SOLIDWORKS 2012 or newer, installed on the same computer as SolidTranslate.
SOLIDWORKS Connected is currently not supported.
You also need an Onshape account with the ability to create and modify documents, using Windows 7 or newer.

After extracting the zip, you'll find two PDFs that accompany the executable: one that contains the Changelog, and the User Guide. The User Guide can provide additional details on the process.

SOLIDWORKS to Onshape, and Onshape to SOLIDWORKS

CADSharp LLC is the premiere resource for SOLIDWORKS/PDM API, and Onshape custom development and services

No. This is for SOLIDWORKS and Onshape only.

No. It is recommended that independent verification should be completed by the originators.

Configurations are translated, derived configurations are not currently supported.

Colors and textures are not translated.

Metadata and/or custom properties are not translated by SolidTranslate.

Yes, the feature suppression states are translated into the Onshape part.

After each feature is translated, the resultant geometry mass, surface area, and volume are verified. This is continued for every step of the process until the final design is complete.

Only .sldprt files are supported.

On the Onshape side, any discrepancies are dealt with via custom features. SolidTranslate uses FeatureScript, to bridge the gap between feature definitions in SOLIDWORKS and Onshape.

Using SolidTranslate

In short, any "prismatic" parts should translate with high success rates. Specialty design types like weldments, sheet metal, or parts that have complex surfacing are not good candidates for translation.

Files are quickly checked for features of unsupported types. A report is produced on how many files are definitely not supported. Some files may appear supported, but are not due to specific options selected in features. Using Quick Check is highly recommended when running on a large number of files.

SolidTranslate targets an already existing Document (URL). New part studios are then created in this Document, and reports are uploaded to this Document.

Yes you can do bulk translations, but there is no scheduler.

This option is not recommended. During recreation, if the file deviates from the source file, these errors will be ignored. This option can be useful if fillets are not creating as expected.

Abort Unsupported – When selected, if SolidTranslate encounters an unsupported feature or any kind of issue during translation, the file is completely aborted, and recreation might not occur.

Stop at Unsupported – When selected, if SolidTranslate encounters an unsupported feature, recreation will occur up to that feature.

Ignore Unsupported – This option is not recommended for general use, or first-time use on a file. If a file is having issues with a specific feature, this option will suppress that feature and all dependent features. Missing features are replaced with a placeholder. This option will result in a model that is different from the source file, but allows the user to potentially fix any issues manually.

If a feature fails to pass validation during translation, translation will be paused and the user will be given a chance to fix the model. Note that this will pause all translations. Do not use interactive mode if you plan to leave SolidTranslate running unattended.

Other Questions

Check here for the most up-to-date list:

No. From the logs they can see only the user's email address, file names, feature names, number of files selected, and the definition of the specific feature for some errors.

This would depend on your computer's anti-virus/anti-malware settings.

SolidTranslate does a feature-for-feature mapping from SOLIDWORKS to Onshape. This includes sketches, dimensions, and in turn, the design intent. FeatureWorks attempts to rebuild a featureless body with features.

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