It has been almost two years since we first released RealityServer for Onshape, our fully integrated, photorealistic rendering service. We have been gathering a lot of feedback from our users and working behind the scenes on a major update targeting the most requested features. Some users may have already noticed our recent rollout.

The previous version of RealityServer was essentially more of a viewer application with some additional editing features to make it suitable for use in Onshape. For this upgrade, we rebuilt the application from the ground up and focused on providing access to all of the features our rendering technology offers.

While this latest release of RealityServer adds a huge set of new features, it still retains the overall ease-of-use that our customers tell us is one of their favorite things about our rendering tools.

Some of the best new additions include:

  • Artificial Intelligence-Based Denoising – Great for those more challenging renders where some noise persists for longer amounts of time. Enabling this feature will instantly clear up the noise using GPU-accelerated deep learning algorithms.
  • Search Everywhere – Well, almost everywhere. Search material libraries, environment libraries, the scene graph, object properties and material parameters to find what you need quickly.
  • Edit Everything – This time around, we have exposed all of the parameters of our underlying Iray rendering engine for you to tune. You can get by fine without touching them, but for advanced users they are all available.
  • Build Complex Materials – Our new material editor allows you to start with a simple base material and then chain textures, procedurals, layers, gradients and any number of pre-made elements to get exactly the material you need.
  • Material Functions – In addition to materials, we now include Functions in our library. Functions can be dragged onto material parameters to drive their values. For example, you can put a gradient function on your diffuse color.
  • Upload Textures – Another top request was the ability to load in your own textures. You can now select any texture from disk to upload to the server and use in your materials.
  • Vastly Improved Scene Graph – Navigating the scene elements, selecting objects and changing visibility have all been drastically improved. The scene graph now mirrors the structure of your Onshape Document and obeys initial visibility.
  • Expanded Environment Library – We now have over 150 pre-made lighting environments to choose from and are adding more every month thanks to the great HDRI Haven project. You can also upload your own HDRIs to use.
  • Improved Conversion Coverage – As more users tested more content with RealityServer, we found a few Onshape features missing in our tools. We now fully support conversion of surfaces and meshes.
  • Multi-Object Material Assignment – You can now select multiple parts and assign the same material to them all. If you ever tried to assign the same material to 100 parts in our previous version, you'll understand why this is so important.

We are currently working on creating additional training materials and in-app tours to help new users get familiar with our new layout. However, you can still just convert, drag and drop materials and render. You don't need to explore the rest of the application if you don't need it – although we think you will definitely want to!

RealityServer for Onshape makes it easy to make photorealistic images directly from your 3D models.

RealityServer remains a fully on-demand service, allowing you to purchase only the rendering hours you need for your work. The first two hours used each month are free for all users. Those who have reached out to us will attest that we offer great customer support and love to hear product feedback.

RealityServer’s new application structure makes it a lot easier for us to add new materials, environments and features, and react more quickly to user feedback. We look forward to implementing the next round of new functionality and would like to continue hearing from our users about what they feel are the most important functionalities for them.

We are also continuing to expand our NVIDIA GPU server availability to meet the demand of new users and access the most modern hardware available. The cloud-first nature of both Onshape and RealityServer continues to be a perfect match that we are constantly building on.