The list of custom FeatureScript features available to all Onshape users continues to grow. FeatureScript is Onshape’s new programming language that lets you create your own built-in features or modify our existing ones to meet your needs. But you don’t have to be a programmer to enjoy the benefits!

Some FeatureScript users have kindly shared their custom CAD tools with the Onshape community on our Feature Spotlight page. Today, let’s take a look at a custom feature created and shared by Onshape user Hong Jin Lau: The O-Ring feature.


As the name implies, the O-Ring feature makes creating O-Rings simple. Just select the external groove or internal bore surface and enter the dimensions for your O-Ring:



You have options for External and Internal O-Rings, to seat the O-Ring based on the diameter of the face you chose, or to enter in a diameter for your O-Ring. You also have options to define the squeeze percentage and, of course, the profile diameter of your O-Ring.

Remember, you don’t have to write code to use this feature. Just click the link below, then click the “Custom features” icon in the toolbar and choose the O-Ring feature. This will add an icon for the custom feature to your toolbar.

This is just one example of FeatureScript saving a significant amount of users’ time. Check out all the custom features that have been created and start modeling more efficiently with FeatureScript!