Discover the power of custom parametrics

Ever wish you could change the way your CAD system’s features work? FeatureScript is a new programming language that lets you create new features that look, feel and behave just like Onshape’s built-in features.

It’s the same language used by Onshape’s development team, that’s now available to you.



You can start enjoying any of the new features in the Feature Library right away. Just follow these easy steps:

  1. Click the "+" icon in the far right of the toolbar
  2. Click the "FeatureScript Samples" filter in the "Add custom features" dialog
  3. Select a Document and choose the feature to add. An icon will be added to the toolbar
  4. Select the icon in the toolbar

FeatureScript has been designed with security in mind. To protect you, FeatureScript runs in a tight sandbox and limits the impact of the feature to the Part Studio in which it is used. Learn more about FeatureScript security



New Onshape features can now be created in Onshape’s new “Feature Studio,” a user-friendly development environment with a powerful editor, in-line help and documentation.

learn featurescript

If you can't find what you are looking for in our Documentation, feel free to reach out via the forum.

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Onshape has released the source code for our entire library of features

view the source code