Often in detailing you need to rotate a view. This could be necessary for many reasons, including drawing reuse to speed up the drawing creation process or just because the way the part was modeled may not work for detailing.

Rotate a Single Drawing With View & No Child Views

If a drawing view has no child views – or is not a child view – you can use the View Properties menu to adjust the rotation of the view.

view properties and rotation angle

Rotating a View With Dependent Views

If a view has dependent views, the rotate command in the View Properties menu will be greyed out.

rotation angle

To rotate this view, you must first create a Named Position View in the Part or Assembly studio. In the Part Studio tab, orient the view the way you would like it to appear using the mouse or the view cube and arrow keys.  

Once positioned correctly use the Camera and Render Options dropdown to create a new Named View.

camera and render options   named views

new view name

Return to the Drawing Tab and then use the View Properties menu to choose the Named View.

view orientation rotate top

Or, you can right-click on the view and choose that named view from the View Orientation dropdown.

rotate top

All child views will update to the new projected orientation as well.

Learn more about views by watching the video below:

This Tech Tip helped you learn how to rotate a drawing view. We have a great webinar for you to learn more drawing tips! Check it out: Drawing Tips & Tricks

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