One of the unique things about Onshape is the truly customizable nature of full-cloud CAD. Unlike other CAD systems, Onshape gives you access to the source code for all of its part modeling features. Combine this with FeatureScript, the programming language created by Onshape, and you have a powerful toolset that can have a huge impact on your workflow.

The ability to create a custom feature for your company that eliminates the potential for human error, and saves an immense amount of time in tedious modeling, is a huge benefit for any engineering team. One example of an industry that is benefiting from FeatureScript is the industrial components industry. There are a number of publicly available custom features that make industrial component design easier. Let's take a look at a few.

Spur Gear (View Document)

This custom feature creates mathematically correct spur gears with optional center bore hole and keyway.

Belt (View Document)

This custom feature creates a belt around any number of pulleys.

Wave Spring (View Document)

This custom feature creates a wave spring at the origin with mate connectors at either end for easy transform or assembly.


Port Feature (View Document)

This custom feature creates SAE J1926 straight thread ports.

Straight Spline Feature (View Document)

This custom feature creates an SAE Standard Straight Spline on the end of shafts.

So what do all of these custom features have in common? They are all features frequently used in industrial component design which are very tedious to design by hand. What usually takes an engineer several minutes to design, now only takes a few clicks!

Remember, these are just examples. The power of FeatureScript is the ability to create a custom feature that applies to what you do. So, if you don’t have a use for the features listed above, create your own. Your time invested in creating the feature will be quickly recovered once you start using it.

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