One benefit of an Onshape Part Studio is the ability to create multiple interrelated parts within one environment. The same holds true for sheet metal part design.

In this Tech Tip, you will rename multiple sheet metal part contexts for easier viewing inside the Sheet metal table and flat view panel.

Creating New Sheet Metal Parts

As a best practice, use a new Sheet metal model feature for each sheet metal part in your design.

Once created, a Sheet Metal model feature displays inside your Features list as well as inside the Sheet metal context dropdown

Individual sheet metal feature for each part

Renaming a sheet metal part is the same as a non-sheet metal part. Right-click on the part in the Instance list, select Rename. and then input a new name.

Renaming a Sheet Metal Context

To rename a Sheet metal context, you must rename the Sheet metal model feature. Right-click on the feature, select rename, input a new name, and then press Enter.

Renaming the context

To make finding a flat pattern faster, rename the context the same as your part. Repeat the previous steps for each Sheet metal model feature.

Expanding the context menu now displays the renamed feature and makes finding the correct flat pattern faster.

Renamed contexts

This Tech Tip helped you learn how to rename multiple Sheet metal contexts. We have more resources for you to learn about related features, like sheet metal design. See the Simultaneous Sheet Metal self-paced course in the Onshape Learning Center.

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