In this Tech Tip, you learn how to reuse Named Positions from subassemblies in main assemblies.

Reusing Named Positions

Named Positions are suitable for dynamic assemblies. They are used to define and reuse positions of moving components in assemblies. These positions are usually defined in the explicit assembly, but may also be reused in top-level assemblies.

Named Positions in a subassembly

Reusing a Named Position in the Main Assembly

If Named Positions are defined in subassemblies, they can be reused in the main assembly. First, create Named Positions in the Named Positions panel – in this example “Open” and “Closed” for the open and closed position of the smoker lid.

Subassembly Named Positions for a Top-Level Assembly

Right-click the appropriate subassembly in the instances list and select Add to Named Positions from the context menu. This adds a column in the Named Positions table in the Named Positions panel. You may select the corresponding Named Position from the subassembly dropdown menu.

adding named positions to the main assembly

The subassemblies now use the selected Named Position.

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For now, take a look at the video below about reusing Named Positions.

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