In a recent update, Onshape added Shortcut Toolbars that make it easy to find common commands without a lot of mouse travel. Simply type “s” on your keyboard and a context-sensitive menu will appear next to your cursor in Part Studios and Assemblies.



So how can you customize this toolbar to include commands you commonly use? Let’s take a look.

The shortcut toolbar settings can be found under your account settings. Click your user name in the top right and you will find “Manage account.”



After you’ve opened your account settings, click “Preferences.”



Tip: You can also right-click the shortcut toolbar in the graphics and you will see an option to “Customize.” This will also take you to your account settings.


After clicking “Preferences,” scroll down until you find “Shortcut toolbars.”



Adding commands to the toolbars is simple. First, choose the toolbar that you want to customize. You have choices for Sketch, Part Studio, and Assembly. Then check the box next to the command that you want to add. The last step is to click “Save shortcut toolbar settings.”

And that’s it! The next time you call up the shortcut toolbar with the “s” key, your customized shortcut toolbar will appear. If you right-clicked the shortcut toolbar and chose “Customize,” you will also need to “Refresh” which can also be found in the same right-click menu.