Thanks to a recent update, finding the right tool in Onshape has never been easier. Let’s take a closer look...

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Searching for tools in Onshape is easy. In the top-right corner of the toolbar in the Part Studio and Assembly, you will see the “Search tools” button.

Simply click “Search tools” and type in the name of the tool that you are looking for. Then either hit “Enter” on your keyboard, or left-click the tool from your search.

Notice that the feature you are searching for highlights in the toolbar. This makes it easier to find later.

One cool thing about this search is that you do not necessarily need to know exactly what the feature is called. For example, what if you are new to Onshape and want to know how to create a boss? Onshape does not have a specific “Boss” feature, but this is an option within many Onshape features. So searching for “Boss” will return all the commands capable of creating a boss.

The ability to search for tools is also very popular with our power users, because it is now possible to select any tool without touching the mouse. If you click “Option + C” on Mac OSX, or “Alt + C” on Windows and Linux, you can use a keyboard shortcut to bring up the search, type in the name of the feature, and hit “Enter” to start that feature.

So give it a shot! If you’re just getting started, hopefully this tip will help you quickly find what you are looking for. And if you’re an Onshape expert, hopefully it will make you a little more productive.