One of the biggest benefits of Onshape’s Simultaneous Sheet Metal features is the ability to see the flat pattern update in real time as you make changes to your sheet metal part. But what about creating drawings of that flat pattern? Let’s take a look.

Inserting flat patterns into drawing views in Onshape is very simple. While inserting a view, you will see an option for “Flat patterns” in the insert dialog.

Clicking this option adds the flat patterns to the list of insertable selections for your drawing view. To insert a flat pattern, simply left-click it from the list, and left-click to place the view.

Notice that by default both bend notes and bend lines show in flat pattern views in Onshape Drawings. If you want to hide the bend notes or lines, right-click the view and choose the option to “Hide bend notes” or “Hide bend lines.”

That’s it – creating views of your sheet metal parts in Onshape is easy! Give it a shot.