If you are moving to Onshape from another CAD system, one question you might have is, “How do I import all my CAD data from my past system?” Let’s take a look at a fast way to import many files at once.

To import files in Onshape, click the "Import" icon in the top left corner of the Documents page.

import files

Or click the “+” icon in the bottom left corner of a Document and choose “Import.”

bike frame

After clicking “Import,” a window will pop up allowing you to browse your local files. If you hold down the shift key and select the files from the top to the bottom of the list, all of these files will be selected and imported at once.

select multiple files

One final tip: You can also use the ctrl key to select several files at once.

Give this a try! No need to import one file at a time, simply shift + select and import everything at once.