Today’s tech tip is for those creating drawings in Onshape. One common question we hear is “How do I update my drawing if I change my template”? Thanks to a recent update, this is now possible. Let’s take a closer look.


Take the example below.

Screenshot of an Onshape drawing in which the user needs to switch out the template.

In this example, we have finished creating our drawing in Onshape, but changes have been made to the template that created this drawing and we need a way to switch out the template.

To start, right-click anywhere on the blank sheet of the drawing and choose the right-click menu option for “Sheet properties.”

Then, in the Sheet properties dialog, choose the option to “Select a DWT.”

Sheet Properties

Then browse to the updated template and select it, and the drawing will update.

Animated example of how to switch the drawing templates in Onshape.

In this example, we switched the drawing template for one that included a title block and custom properties that are linked to the sheet reference. But you could use this anytime your template changes and you want to update drawings that were created prior to that change.

Interested in more details? Watch the video at the top of this blog or take the Onshape Learning Center course on “Best Practices for Creating Onshape Drawing Templates.”

So that’s it! The next time drawing templates change, simply swap them out for the new template following this tip.