With Onshape’s recent additions of Simultaneous Bill of Materials and associative balloons, creating assembly drawings is now much easier. Let’s take a look at why.

The first reason is your bill of materials in Onshape is now automatically created and updates in real time.

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You will find the new Simultaneous Bill of Materials by clicking the BOM Table icon in the assembly.

This bill of materials can easily be inserted into a drawing with just a few clicks.

The second reason why it’s now easier to create assembly drawings is the ability to add associative balloons.

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All you have to do is select the Balloon command from the toolbar, and then select parts from your assembly.

So that’s the basics. Interested in learning more? Join me this Thursday at 11 a.m. (EDT) for a live interactive webinar, “Custom Properties, Balloons, and Bills of Materials in Onshape.” Looking forward to seeing you there!