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Even LiveWorx '23 does not stop the Onshape team from delivering updates! This release includes excellent improvements to the Hole tool, renaming folders, and drawings.

highlights from the 1.164 update

General Improvements

Rename Folders

Folders can be renamed inline within the breadcrumb area, similar to inline document renaming.

FeatureScript Shortcuts

All Feature Studio keyboard shortcuts are now displayed with the rest of the Onshape shortcuts in a separate section accessible from the Help menu.

Part Studios Improvements

Snap Inferences to Arcs and Ellipses

Arcs now offer snapping to 180 degrees increments, and ellipses snap to quadrant points.

Hole Tool - Thread Class Designation

Tapped holes created in a Part Studio offer Thread class choices that appear downstream in Hole tables and Callouts on Drawings.

Assemblies Improvements

Simulation Will Suppress Newly Added Loads

When more than one Simulation is present, any loads added to the active Simulation are automatically suppressed in the pre-existing Simulations, ensuring no conflicts between active and pre-existing Simulations.

Drawings Improvements

Auxiliary View Defined In Line

The direction for an Auxiliary view can be defined parallel to the base view, in addition to the perpendicular direction. 

PCB Studio Improvements

"Other" Outline Support

An additional keep-out zone is now supported called "OTHER_OUTLINE", which is helpful for some companies to label solder mask, copper pads, and cover layers that defy definition using other types of outlines.

"Other" Outline Support

Mobile Updates

Section Headers

Onshape for iOS includes section headers that separate Documents, Folders, Projects, and Publications as they do for the web version.

Filters for Android

Instance search filters are available to find objects quickly by type and keyword. This works on Part Studio and Assembly tabs.

Education Enterprise Improvements


The Onshape Education Enterprise Class Dashboard has been updated to improve educators’ review process. It now shows Class Modeling Time, Submission Status, Time Spent by Tab, and Assignments Activity.

Please take a moment to try out these new features and improvements and leave your comments below. For a detailed list of all the changes in this update, please see the changelog.

Remember: The updates listed here are now live for all users when creating new Documents. Over the next few days, these features will also be available in Documents created before this update.

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