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We’re closing up April with a bang! For the second time this month, Onshape brings more improvements to the product. 

Some highlights: Improvements to PCB Studio, the UI, and drawing quality of life.

1.163 Release Highlights: PCB Update, Drawings, Create Publications

Please take a moment to try out these new features and improvements and leave your comments in the Onshape Forums. For a detailed list of all the changes in this update, please see the changelog.

Remember: The updates listed here are now live for all users when creating new Documents. Over the next few days, these features will also be available in Documents created before this update.

CAD Improvements

PCB Studio Improvements

PCB Studio supports data exchange between mechanical and electronics engineers. Updates from the original PCB imported into the PCB Studio can be pushed to the existing Onshape Assembly, instead of creating a new Assembly.

Revisions, Parts Number, and Properties in Assembly List

You can now choose to show the part and subassembly status of anything you insert into an Assembly. This includes part number, state, and instance revision.

Surface Edge Representation

Certain operations like Loft and Boundary Surface can sometimes turn an edge's analytical curve into splines. Curve data is now preserved so that, for example, measurements reveal the original arc or curve data.  


Drawing Improvements

Exclude from Section View

When creating or editing section views, you can now exclude parts from being broken out for clarity.

Partial Section View Edits

You can now edit partial section views so that the section line moves to the inside of the two association points initially defined.

Auxiliary View Improvements

A new set of Drawing Properties panel controls are available for Auxiliary views for ANSI vs. ISO style choices. 

MIN-MAX Tolerances 

Drawing dimensions, Chamfer dimensions, and Hole Callout dimensions now allow for MIN and MAX tolerance types.

General Improvements 

Allow Comma Input for Decimal Separator

For people in the U.S., using a period (.) is standard notation when delimiting decimals. For many others, the comma (,) is the standard.

We have added a setting in your account preferences that allows you to change the standard used.

Share, Label, and Delete UI

We have enhanced the experience of scrolling through Documents by adding shortcuts in the UI that allow you to share, delete, and label data more intuitively. We have also added clarity when deleting groups of Documents. Now, if you do not have delete permissions for any of the selected documents, an information message provides insight into which Documents you can or cannot delete.

‘Move To’ Dialog Improvements

Move Documents, Publications, and folders are now presented in alphabetical order.

'move to'

Multi Tab Export 

You can now optionally apply export rules to the zip folder content, where it was previously only applied to the zip folder.

Education Improvements

Improved Class Dashboard Performance

Class dashboards now filter out: 

  • Draft assignments;

  • Assignments that were deleted without any modeling in them.

new dashboard filters

Onshape Mobile

Full Support for Publications

On mobile devices (Android and iOS), it is now possible to create Publications or update references of items contained within the Publication.  

Configuration Panel for iOS

View-only configuration tables appear in Part Studios and Assemblies with configured data. This is helpful when understanding the rules that drive configurations and for viewing custom properties related to each configured item.

Labels in Sidebar

In Onshape for iOS, an expandable Label list is found in the sidebar of the Documents page to filter Documents by one or more user-defined labels.

labels in sidebar

Render Studio Improvements

3D Printing Appearance

A new 3D printing appearance, bump map, and texture are available in the appearance picker in Render Studio

render studio