The “Great Resignation,” the “Great Reshuffling,” or whatever the news is calling it today has shifted the labor market in favor of the employee.

With this power, many workers are seizing the opportunity to make career moves and advance their engineering careers. Employees are requesting higher wages, better roles, new jobs, starting new businesses, and, overall, reimagining what work is.

Engineering and product development industry workers are no different. Take a look at popular discussion forums specific to professional engineers and you will find that many popular topics were discussions on quitting jobs and career moves.

What’s evident among these forum posts and news stories is that employees are demanding new opportunities and want to grow professionally. In a recent poll, the Onshape community seems to agree. 

In an informal social media survey, we asked, “What’s Your New Year’s Resolution?” and found that 51% of respondents want to advance their engineering careers, followed by 37.8% who say they want to design innovative products and 11.1% who want to launch a tech startup. 

2022 Poll Results

With some planning, and in the new labor market, these resolutions can be achieved. 

Onshape can play a part with free resources that can help anyone who wants to learn more about engineering, manufacturing, product development, and computer-aided design (CAD).

Make Engineering Career Moves With Networking

Perhaps one of the best ways to learn more about a new industry, company or profession is to network.

At Onshape we’ve developed a host of resources that connect like-minded individuals to share ideas, ask questions, and nerd out over shared interests. If you want to learn more about product design, engineering and innovative uses of CAD, these resources are for you.

Engineers and other CAD users also might be interested in Onshape Live ’22, our second annual user conference. The six-hour event will feature a keynote from Hirschtick, five-session tracks for all skill levels, a sneak peek into what’s next for Onshape (rendering, anyone?), and a design competition announcement. 

Best of all? It’s free to all who want to join. 

Onshape Live '22

Catch up on the exciting sessions and keynotes
from the second annual user conference.

Learn CAD the Easy Way

With the internet at your fingertips, it’s never been easier to find ways to learn a new skill, unless you really want to spend hours in the library (also a good option).

Just take Kansas City designer Blake Hodgson, who designed a robot lawnmower from scratch using Onshape. He used the invention to promote his side business, KC Proto, and, of course, mow his lawn. 

If you want to learn more about CAD and how to use it, Onshape is one of the best options out there. Why?

  • We offer a free Professional trial to see all the tools available through the cloud-native platform. (You can downgrade to a Free account after the trial is over.) 

  • Our robust Learning Center will get you up-to-speed with design basics.

  • Our customer support will help you out in a pinch and lead you to the resources needed to figure out any technical issues. 

Start your journey now!


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